Analyzing the Importance of AI in Procurement

The potential benefits of artificial intelligence has spread across all areas of business operations, and procurement is no exception. From improving procurement efficiency in spend analysis, contract analysis and more,

IT, OT & IoT: The Three-Edged Sword

Chronologically, all businesses have undergone a journey from one industrial revolution to the next. Traditional businesses are now at the crossroads of a digital age. It is vital to get

The Emergence of Disruptive Supply Chain Technologies in 2018

Developments in technology are moving at an exponential rate. In fact, several of them, including the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality

Addressing Critical Challenges in Supply Chain Management

In today’s business landscape, supply chain management is fraught with challenges as it is becoming more complex by the day. Hidden risks pose a significant threat as businesses continue to

Comprehending the Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Growing Relevance

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be gradually yet steadily getting woven into the fabric of daily living. From industrial machines to wearable devices, IoT’s true potential lies in

Leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to Streamline Logistics and Transportation

The growing number of devices that are being connected has made the Internet of Things (IoT) a key technology for businesses across industries, and the supply chain is no exception.

Understanding the Impact of DDMRP on Supply Chain Management

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning or DDMRP is the recent methodology that is garnering significant traction in Supply Chain Management. It builds upon the supply chain principles such as Lean

Nine Key Scenarios to Keep in Mind before Adopting Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP)

While the whole idea of implementing DDMRP in a manufacturing organization sounds tempting, a deep research on the methodology makes one suspicious of the benefits being claimed by its evangelists.

Looping to the Past, Hyperlooping into the Future

With BITSians day around the corner, I couldn’t help dive down memory lane – hashtagging our ID numbers, posting old lean-framed pictures of self with batchmates, remembering wing birthday parties,