Track, manage, and repurpose your digital assets.

While companies invest a lot of money, time and resources in creating rich digital assets for their websites and campaigns, many of these resources are wasted as companies move on with new products and technologies. Oftentimes, companies have no clear path to manage these assets and lose track of what they have or where it is located.

Digital assets images, photos, video, audio, product data sheets and other creative files—can be utilized and repurposed for use in other projects. These assets play a big part for ecommerce companies and companies moving to a digital channel and omni-channel experience.

The question is—how do you track, trace, and repurpose your assets to maximize the return on those investments? How do you manage the image rights associated with your assets? And how do you control your marketing content and make it available to others?

A Digital Asset Management solution can help.

Intrigo can help you with a digital asset strategy that you can utilize for your various campaigns to drive your sales and provide better customer experience.

Intrigo’s Approach

Following the principles of demand and supply, scarcity of resources should drive your strategy for digital assets. Intrigo recommends leveraging a digital asset management (DAM) solution that can help in categorizing your assets and segmenting those categories for its various uses.

DAM software can help with the whole data modeling of digital assets, nomenclature, and distinctive numbering schemes. Our digital asset strategy is focused on targeting, sourcing, sorting, and enriching the digital assets with the idea of repurposing them in various internal, external, and international campaigns.

Key Benefits

Reduced asset creation costs

Increased productivity

Reduced risk

Boosted revenue

Faster deployment of marketing campaigns


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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