Stand out in today’s hyper-connected digital economy.

Sharing and obtaining information is now possible anywhere, anytime using connected mobile devices.

The distance and time required to meet and on-board suppliers can now be pared down into a few clicks. The whole digital ecosystem can be encapsulated in your device, enabling you to easily spot and connect with potential suppliers and buyers.

Make all of this possible with SAP Business Networks. Let your needs be heard in real time. Get the products and services you need right away.

APO supercharged with Intrigo’s solutions

We develop HTML5 UI using Neptune-software or native Fiori application builder for our clients’ existing SAP APO solutions.

Our OPTEK solution, built by APO planning experts, accelerates the productivity and flexibility of SAP APO.

With Business Networks, enterprises can optimize their procurement and sourcing.

Easily find suppliers via Ariba, a class-leading procurement platform.

Learn more about Ariba here

Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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