Simplify Category Management for truly compelling products and an exceptional customer experience.

Today’s customers are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping options, so enterprises need to devise strong category strategies to keep their customers engaged.

Leading enterprises should transition from traditional to modern, customer-centric category management strategies to achieve this goal.

A consolidated approach to data, processes, and people is key to establishing a holistic, customer-centric category management system. This can enable you to create differentiated customer experiences, devise productive planograms, fashion compelling assortments, and efficiently price and market your products.

Intrigo’s Approach

With data growing at an exponential rate and supply chain functions working in silos, enabling a holistic, customer-centric category management can be next to impossible. But Intrigo can fill in all the gaps for you.

We have the right expertise, the right tools, and the right models to empower our clients to react optimally to changing category models. We help them deal with all facets of modern category management.

Key Benefits

Real customer-centricity

Seamless, true integration

Well-crafted category strategies

Accurate, well-managed data

Actionable insights

Localized and customized pricing

Clear roadmap

Reduced operational complexity


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



Why Oclaro Chose Intrigo – A Conversation with Steve LeFevre, Sr. Director of Global IT


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