Digitize requisition to PO. Minimize errors. Accelerate purchasing.

Purchasing involves a multi-step process that is prone to mistakes. A single data entry error can result in significant losses and delays.

Various enterprises try to digitize their requisition to PO processes by integrating their ERP systems to eProcurement platforms. But this initiative is easier said than done, because it requires deep knowledge and expertise, as well as the right tools and processes.

Intrigo’s Approach

Intrigo understands that to effectively issue, track, and manage requisitions and POs, enterprises should have a strong set of standards and methodologies. Digitizing data from the first step—the creation of a requisition—streamlines the process, reduces errors, and speeds delivery.

Intrigo provides suppliers and vendors with the necessary software to utilize industry standard delivery systems – such as EDI, cXML, and PIDX, to name a few – for digitally transporting all of their critical data. Because the data is left untouched, there are no errors introduced into the system, and the process happens without added delays.

Our implementation methodology

  • Use SaaS Model

    Intrigo leverages a software platform that has built-in templates to utilize standard transport methoodology (cXML, EDI, PDIX, etc.).

  • Connect

    Intrigo’s solution provides pre-built connectors to many of the most effective eProcurement platforms such as Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, and Oracle.

  • Integrate

    Intrigo’s solution allows integration with ERP systems to completely automate the procurement process for generating Requisitions and Purchase Orders (PO).

Key Benefits

Compliance with industry standards

Prevents unauthorized requisitions

Automation of requisition and PO process

Digital data that promotes collaborative commerce and backs up analyses

Reduced maverick spending

Improved audit trail visibility

Quick supplier on-boarding, using correct supplier details


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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