Improve collaboration and increase your ability to meet changing market demands.

Digitizing ALL of your enterprise data is a key prerequisite to creating close, collaborative relationships with suppliers, which will increase your company’s ability to meet changing market demands.

Companies that struggle with their supplier management processes need a powerful mechanism to effectively harness their data. This can enable them to update supplier information in real-time to reflect recent changes in their suppliers’ business processes and structures.

Intrigo’s Approach

Intrigo has created a methodology that addresses and solves supplier management challenges. This methodology enables buyers and suppliers to transact digitally and provide real value to each other.

Intrigo helps companies understand master data and strategically organize data structures to deliver the highest value within different platforms.

What Intrigo Provides

  • Structure and delivery methodology
  • Data cleansing and master data setup
  • Strategic planning and management of interactions with suppliers

Our implementation methodology

  • Assess

    Intrigo analyzes the existing data flow, and studies how to improve the flow to guarantee information integrity and accuracy.

  • Recommend

    After the assessment, Intrigo recommends the best methodology custom-fit to the company’s specific goals and requirements.

  • Integrate

    Intrigo integrates disparate systems to enhance and build a collaborative commerce chain system.

Key Benefits

A digital methodology that prevents data loss while reducing time and costs

Reduction in errors

Easy access to meaningful data

Collaborative commerce that streamlines exchange of information

Standardization in the entire value web


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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