Supply and Demand Planning

Drive “digital-ready” supply and demand management

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way buyers and sellers transact with each other. Your supply and demand planning should help you think about how to harness digital assets flowing through your enterprise infrastructure.

In the new world of demand and supply planning, we will see a lean thinking model for digital demands. To keep pace with this trend, enterprises try to digitize their supply chain networks and processes. But this digitization will be more effective with portals and automation models. And this is what Intrigo offers to its clients.

Intrigo’s Approach

Intrigo leverages SAP IBP and powerful analytics to empower our clients to drive more effective supply and demand management throughout their supply chain.

Key Benefits

With our supply and demand planning solutions, our clients can reap the following benefits:

Automatic forecasting

Create better supply and demand plans with automatic forecast models using historical and real-time data.

Forecast accuracy

Ensure enhanced forecast accuracy for improved responsiveness to demands.


Proactively resolve issues and react quickly to any changes in supply and demand.

True Integration

Integrate supply networks with planning and production to anticipate demand.

Improved Inventory

Digitize the entire supply chain network for optimized inventory.

Data-driven decision making

Analyze historical and real-time sales data to glean actionable insights.


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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