Ensure the integrity of your supply chain from production to distribution.

Ensuring the transparency of the supply chain is critical for consumers and manufacturers alike. Consumers want to know where a product is organically produced, what processes it has gone through, and when it will be delivered.

Manufacturers want to find out if equipment pass regulatory standards, whether product components are authentic, and if deliveries from contractors can be ensured.

As the world becomes more connected and supply chains become more complex, there is an increasing need for businesses to be able to track their products and the components they are made from.

Intrigo’s Approach

Using RFID, NFC tags, and other signalling and software technologies, Intrigo’s Track and Trace solution allows you to look at the movement of your products and its components at any point in the supply chain using your mobile phone.

Intrigo takes a multi-pronged approach. It brings together different technologies and analyzes the product lifecycle allowing you to track a wide variety of products—from high-value capital assets to single doses of medicine, from big containers to little boxes, and from farm produce to pets and animals—through multiple ship points and hops along the international supply chain routes.

Key Benefits

With the Track and Trace solution you can:

Detect fraudulent products in the supply chain

Ensure your business’s compliance with global regulatory standardsn

Analyze contractor patterns and quickly identify anomalies in their behaviors

Ensure the delivery of your products to customers


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