Intrigo White Paper ― Adapting To SAP’s Integrated Business Planning, One Step At A Time

Recently, SAP announced its new supply chain strategy which enables companies to transition from supply chains to demand networks. With SAP’s introduction of solutions for IBP, this new strategy takes on the comprehensive needs of a modern supply chain and creates a demand-centric framework. Intrigo Systems offers a smooth and effective four-step transition process for forward-looking companies that realize the need to start their supply chain transformation.

Intrigo White Paper ― Velocity & Volatility: A Directional Approach to IBP

Over the last two years, Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has been gaining popularity in the enterprise software market, and has further accelerated in SAP shops with many new customers coming on board. Non-manufacturing enterprises that are not privy to SKU-centric planning are discovering IBP as an excellent solution in orchestrating business rhythms. This white paper evaluates the complexity of options faced by customers who may be interested in IBP and need clarity on a number of questions. We address most of the common questions that clients have and provide a directional approach. For further details and insight, our experienced team is on-deck anytime and anywhere to offer strategic guidance.

9 Steps To Achieving S&OP Nirvana

Supply chains face an increasingly volatile and demanding marketplace. Incessant pressures, shrinking profits, security threats, rising demands, and distributed networks lead to stiff competition. However, these disruptions also present opportunities for optimizing technologies and developing winning strategies for success. Supply chains have catapulted Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to being the single most important mechanism balancing operational commitments and functional constraints. S&OP enables enterprises to respond effectively to demand and supply variability, and serves as a proven risk management approach. Download this whitepaper to enable a future-ready supply chain with S&OP Best Practices.