Effective measures to make your supply chain resilient

Globalization has led industries to conduct businesses in a borderless and more interconnected manner, which may frequently result in a lack of visibility into supply chains. This loss of control

AI and ML in the Automotive Industry

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are both crucial in the development of self-driving cars. People desire a fun and reliable car that guarantees to get them from Point A to

The need for supply chain resilience is now greater than ever

Supply chain plays an important role for businesses operating in today’s dynamic and fast-changing world. However, the biggest challenge for procurement teams is risk management, as it feeds directly into

Stay Logged In – SAML Single Sign On

Why should organizations choose Single Sign On? In the world of Omni-Channel, the customer is the king! If the customer has trouble logging in or registering on a website, no

Blockchain in Supply Chain and the Gartner Hype Curve (Part 2)

In this part of the blog, we look at the prospects of blockchain in supply chain. We hear experts say that blockchain isn’t bitcoin (another case of early adopter defining

Blockchain in Supply Chain and the Gartner Hype Curve (Part 1)

A few years ago, blockchain burst into the supply chain world with the promise of cure for a number of problems plaguing the supply chain industry. Experts said blockchain can help fix

Agro-Tech Digitization in India

Data has grown at an exponential rate. My favorite example is to visualize the Amazon rainforest. It encompasses 1.4 billion acres of trees. Each acre has 500 trees so that

Digitization: Towards Better Procurement

The combination of new technologies from 3D printing, big data analytics to artificial intelligence is revolutionizing organizations’ administrative and operational processes. In addition, the effects from cutting-edge technologies of Industry

UI Insights In Hybris

The multi-dimensional and multi-layered Hybris Commerce is built on widely adopted frameworks such as Spring, ZK Framework, Angular JS and JUnit. Hybris B2B and B2C accelerators promise to deliver outstanding