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Adobe AEM

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What is Adobe Experience Manager?

In this day and age, customers have become more demanding and savvy. As a result, an enterprise’s online presence is crucial for revenue generation and is even more important in order to attract new customers and retain existing clients. Traditional solutions present multiple challenges including:

Inability to have an optimized online presence (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) leading to inconsistency across customer touchpoints

Vast number of digital assets (videos, spreadsheets, documents, images, presentations) resulting in poor asset searchability

Rigid and static traditional systems that make it impossible to be meet your clients’ ever changing needs and demands

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and is an intelligent Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that is used to create websites and all of its applications including mobile applications, online communities, and paperless forms. In its most basic terms, it is essentially a content management system that makes maintaining marketing assets and contents effortless. This makes it easy to deliver the right asset to the right user at the right time as a result of its built-in features and user-friendly interfaces.

AEM provides a comprehensive platform that makes it possible to store and access the fundamental elements that are crucial in order to have a successful marketing strategy. Marketers and Information Technology teams can use Adobe AEM to adapt, organize, and share dynamic experiences and rich media throughout the client’s journey. AEM consists of five modules: sites, assets, forms, mobile, and community.

Sites: provide a single platform that enable the creation, management, and delivery of digital experiences across mobile sites, websites, and screens

Assets: consists of a workflow feature that enables improved asset storage, organization, and access.

Form: creation and maintenance processes transform from complex and tedious transactions to simple, automated, and efficient transactions.

Mobile: enables the design, integration, and delivery of mobile apps into the marketing strategy of the company

Community: enables the creation of forums, groups, and other social features that can help enrich the brand


Deliver your digital assets across your enterprise to maximize their value

Provide faster, relevant, and responsive digital experiences to end users

Create uniform campaigns and branding

Collaborate easier with creative professionals

Engage faster with wider audiences

Manage and track your data more effectively

Customer centric approach as a result of the solution’s flexibility to cater to the clients’ demands

Improve brand loyalty by providing end users exceptional digital experiences over the lifetime of the customer


Intrigo Advantage

Intrigo’s agile solution can help your enterprise create and rapidly deliver experiences that are highly adaptable across mobile, web, or any other client touchpoints

Intrigo’s customer centric approach guarantees the creation of digital experiences that are highly engaging and intelligent


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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