B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce

Serving Customers in an Omnichannel World


What is B2B Commerce?

Digitization has transformed how customer interactions take place in today’s day and age. Providing clients with high quality data, consistent interactions in their B2B Commerce transactions are critical for companies today. However, selling models are still rooted in the traditional offline world and websites only serve as a digital brochure (or the other way around). As a result, prospective clients are not offered an easy way to buy. In order to remain competitive in today’s highly volatile markets, enterprises should adopt a customer-centric approach rather than sticking with the old models. Companies are using omnichannel strategies to provide seamless B2B commerce shopping experiences. Today’s customers want instant gratification no matter what device they are using.

Companies that work with a number of suppliers try to digitize their data to reduce friction in their processes. However, many companies still confuse “electronically transported data” with true “digital data.” How do you get real value from your digital data? First, it’s important to realize that faxes, email, and the like are not digital data. The next step would be to find the right technologies and processes that can enable you to truly digitize your data.


Streamline operations by maintaining a single repository of digital data

Ensure control and compliance over master data

Truly integrate systems to transport data electronically

Improve methodology to transform from analog and manual data storage to a true digital format

React optimally and quickly to the consuming entity

Provide all organizations in your company with a unified view of your customers (Sales, Customer Service, and Finance)


Intrigo Advantage

Advance your enterprise rapidly in your goals to enable true digital B2B Commerce, reduce costs, and improve relationships with customers and vendors

Gain knowledge of supply chains and procurement processes to help your organization identify the proper roadmap for data digitization optimization, which can enable organizations to take full advantage of B2B digitization

Review and cleanse supplier information/profiles and helps streamline workflows for better supply chain management and spend management

Able to obtain bids and quotes on a single cloud-based sourcing portal from suppliers

Enable companies to maintain a single archive of digital data

Experienced teams and proven methodology will allow you to get real value from your digital data

Connect with all your buyers digitally to gain insights and visibility that directly affect your company’s ability to drive your B2B Commerce and omnichannel experiences in real time

Intrigo’s Previous Expertise

Building a Digital Foundation in the Cloud

Company: Headquartered in Fremont, CA, Corsair leads the market in gaming by using custom ground breaking technology and innovation to bring to market high-performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, PC cases, PC and CPU cooling solutions, and solid state storage devices. They have also developed a global operations infrastructure with extensive marketing and distribution channel relationships. Their products are available through leading distributors and retailers in over sixty countries worldwide.

How we helped: Intrigo helped Corsair leverage Hybris’ omni-channel capability to:

Create a centralized and rich content platform to providing product information management (PIM).

Provide visibility throughout order management within key geographic markets and multiple languages.

Integration that allowed for support of cloud enabled Oracle ERP, Oracle Service Cloud, and SAP cloud solutions.


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