Customer Attribution

SAP Hybris Customer Attribution

Optimize Marketing Operations


What is Customer Attribution?

Marketers need to see a correlation between their efforts and strategies, and the results that proceed them. In order to do that, past and present marketing campaigns and efforts need to be monitored and analyzed deeply. On top of the issues, marketers need to keep up with their industry’s competition or preferably stay ahead. SAP Hybris Customer Attribution can do just that.

SAP Hybris Customer Attribution is a system that uses multi-touch measurements and collaborative game theory. Its primary function is to push optimization and monitor marketing operations. The entirety of customer activity can be monitored which can be used to make accurate conclusions on what strategies are effective. Customer Attribution allows users to visualize the impact of their marketing efforts on customers and with that information to take necessary steps for substantial improvement.


Use machine learning and measure the impact of all marketing activities

Reduce customer data discrepancies by viewing everything on a consolidated platform

Realize the impact of potential changes by the use of a predictive dashboard

Allocate budgets in real-time with data feeds that are automated


Efficient pinpointing of effective marketing strategies.

Attributes detail on customer value.

Reduce expenses by eliminating ineffective marketing ploys.

Can make accurate decisions with operative marketing techniques.


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