Dynamic Consumer and Customer Profiling

Personalize Customer Experiences

Create Customer Profiles And Deliver Relevant Content


With the increased competition in commerce and the customer experience continuously improving, today’s consumers hold retailers to higher standards than before. High-quality and personalized experiences are a must. While marketing teams use a plethora of tools and platforms to gather more data about their target markets, they need a single solution that allows them to create customer profiles based on that data. Currently, marketers struggle to find a single platform that merges and analyzes all customer data as well as having a solution that helps identify customers based on their interests.

What is Dynamic Consumer and Customer Profiling?

In the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, the dynamic customer profiling capabilities set it apart from other solutions. This solution can take data from online and offline sources and create a profile for each of your customers, allowing you to strategically engage with them to create a meaningful relationship.


Single profile view of your customers and prospects.

Anticipate your customers’ behaviors based on their interests, motivators, and more.

Track customer interactions with scoring rules you can program.

Create predictive models according to your KPIs to track each customer.

Monitor for social engagement with data.

Comprehensive view of your contacts including your customers, partners, and more.

Visualization tools in case you need to look into customer data.

Country-specific legal support.

Integration with SAP applications and third-party systems.




Drive greater ROI by being able to engage with your customers more meaningfully

Increase revenue

Have an improved personalized experience based on real-time customer behavior and data

Improved customer satisfaction

Better your relationship with your customers with deep understanding of their interests.

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