Marketing Lead Management

SAP Hybris Marketing Lead Management

Develop, Maintain, And Grow Your Leads


What is Marketing Lead Management?

Marketing Lead Management is the process of producing more clientele, which will lead to more revenue, through aligning your sales and marketing channels. The primary tactic for this process is getting sales and marketing together to bring in customers. SAP Hybris Marketing Lead Management comes with predefined “Lead Scoring” functions in place to make it simple to identify what the appropriate next steps are, such as sending them to the sales team or to further tend to them. The Marketing Cloud gives you a clear visual of any relative information and customer activity. This will help monitor the activity of marketing strategies, thereby allowing you to see what marketing techniques are effective and how effective they are. By bringing in customers and tending to them with effective marketing ploys, understanding the target audience is simple (demographics, behavior, psychographics, etc.). Therefore, keeping them satisfied, even after being handed to sales, will be effortless.


Immediately work on leads from the beginning

Provide your sales team with the most updated customer background and information

Track lead management progress across the team with KPIs

Integrate easily with third party solutions


Increased revenue and customer traffic

Decreased customer turnover (increased customer retention)

Higher customer loyalty and stronger company-to-customer relationship

Understanding the customer and their needs will be effortless

Efficiently tend to any customer disputes

Easily keep track of customers and all interactions between them and your company.

Cooperative/collaborative decisions can be made with both departments (Sales and Marketing)


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