Subscription Billing

SAP Hybris Billing

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What is Subscription Billing?

Keeping track of when to pay what is inefficient and can be a hassle. Missing payment deadlines can be even more of a hassle. Because of late payments/fees, unnecessary costs build up and lead to a substantial impact on profit. Intrigo offers subscription billing to eliminate these challenges.

Subscription Billing is a billing system where the customer is automatically charged for products or services on an already established schedule. An example would be a subscription to a newsletter, which you are billed for on a monthly basis. Subscription Billing requires permission from the customer for this automated scheduled charging, and will continue to charge the customer at the scheduled rate until the customer cancels the subscription or revokes their permission. It’s easy to set up and keep track of the payments online; and you can forget about keeping tracking of payment dates and the expensive late fees that follow.

SAP Hybris Billing

Companies are looking into new ways to better monetize their business, whether its revenue generation, payments, or more. In recent years, more businesses are shifting one-time product purchases they offer to subscription services. With SAP Hybris Billing, not only will your business be able to adopt a new monetization model, you will also be able to offer a better front-end experience for your customers. The solution allows you to add new customers with different pricing bundles, billing options, and invoicing solutions.


Subscription Order Management

Sign-up customers for different packages, manage offerings, and personalize offers to customers


Standardize data across the system


Have flexible customer price offerings


Give your customers a consolidated invoice for all purchases

Document Management:

Create both digital and hard-copy documents across the system without help from IT

Customer Finances

Have a 360° view of your customers finances to handle disputes more efficiently


Increase market share growth due to reduced time-to-market

Decrease customer support tickets with transparent invoicing

Lower billing costs with automated handling of common disputes

Track all transactions because of system transparency


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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