Corporate Overview

Intrigo Systems, Inc. is a premier SAP Partner and a leading provider of Advisory, Implementation,…

Hybris Factsheet

Be able to differentiate, adapt, and meet the ever-changing needs of the customer and the…

IBP Factsheet

Accelerate time-to-market, improve customer experience, and provide instant gratification.

AFS – A Solution for Operational Efficiency

Fashion changes are inevitable. Stay on top of trends and achieve operational excellence with the…

Ariba Indirect Fact Sheet

Losing sight of the Financial Impact of your spend?

Ariba SCC Fact Sheet

Deliver rapid ROI for your business by developing and managing supplier relationships and accelerating sourcing…

ConnectEdge Fact Sheet

Harmonize your network through digital transactions and collaborative commerce.

Is APO Still Relevant In The Age of IBP?

Smart businesses can utilize both, and here’s how you can be one of those businesses.

Optek: Extending the Horizons of Your APO

In today’s supply chain scenario, planners tend to face a multitude of challenges, particularly in…