Adobe DAM

Brand equity is an integral part of the delivery supply chain and the omnichannel experience.

While it is an intangible measure of customer delight, an enterprise’s collection of digital assets makes branding tangible for the customers to experience, driving more sales. Combined with Intrigo’s digital transformation solutions, the Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities of the Adobe Experience Manager help deliver your digital assets across your enterprise to maximize their value, create uniform campaigns and branding, collaborate easier with creative professionals, and engage faster with wider audiences.

Maximize the value of your digital assets

With Adobe Experience Manager DAM, Intrigo can help your enterprise take back control over your digital assets and maximize their value by storing them on a centralized storage, categorizing them into type and purpose.

Collaborate easier across all units of your enterprise

From the creative team to the marketing team, Adobe Experience Manager DAM makes the delivery of your digital assets across all the units of your enterprise faster, making collaboration easy.

Engage with wider audiences faster

By supporting a wide range of rich media, Adobe Experience Manager DAM can also help your enterprise create limitless variations of a single campaign to engage with a wider audience across channels, devices, and demographics while maintaining the uniformity of the brand.


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