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What is Manufacturing Planning and Execution?

As an organization, there is a lot of planning when it comes to top-floor decision making. Such planning would include financial, strategic, demand, and supply planning. In global supply planning, the critical question is figuring out which manufacturing plant to produce items and then where to ship it. Once that is determined, the plants can start their manufacturing planning and execution which includes everything from scheduling to production to counting inventory. As expected, there are many details that need to be accounted for during each level of this entire process. Without an unified, transparent system, it can be easy to lose track of details which can result in increased costs and missed business opportunities.

With Intrigo’s manufacturing solutions, your business will have an integrated approach to supply chain, manufacturing, and order management with SAP Manufacturing Execution and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence.

SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME)

SAP ME is a powerful, enterprise-level, scalable, manufacturing business solution that manages and controls manufacturing & shop floor operations. With this solution based on the Internet of Things (IoT), your business will be able to increase operational visibility.


View and control overall operations for manufacturing and shop floor

Speed up management processes by automatically collecting data

Track defects and resolve process issues


Increase transparency into the manufacturing process and resolve issues quickly

Be nimble when meeting custom requirements for products and ensure that productivity and quality levels remain the same.

Keep operations running smoothly by improving effectiveness and utilizing your assets and equipment efficiently

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII)

SAP MII provides a direct, real-time connection between shop floor systems and business operations, enabling companies to run their business based on a single version of the truth.


Maintain store analysis, predictive analysis and more with an in-memory, manufacturing analytics platform

Keep track of energy consumption and resolve any misuse across various plants using sensor data

Integrate business processes across that system

Use common data sources to analyze historical and real-time plant performance

Read more about SAP MII here.


Increase employee productivity by sending out tasks to the shop floor directly

Improve communication and operations between teams with IIoT and M2M technology

Maximize equipment and energy effectiveness with real-time event processing insights

Intrigo Advantage

Intrigo is an SAP and Ariba Partner that provides world class SI, has an extensive knowledge in Supply Chain and understands the challenges companies face to meet demands and manage the flow of goods internally and from their suppliers. With 120 successful engagements under its belt, Intrigo System’s core vision is to help companies transform their Digital Core to increase their chances of success in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive world.


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