Are you ready for the future? Make the digital transformation a reality for your organization and experience the power of the digital core!

Businesses today are faced with new challenges as real and virtual boundaries blur. Efficiency, effectiveness and agility are the mantras for gaining competitive advantage. This is possible through an integrated, digitized approach that converges all value chains across functions. SAP S/4HANA is the digital core – the nerve center – of your entire business.

It consolidates internal and external elements into a single, living structure that goes beyond traditional ERP software. In other words, it connects all of your processes, provides you with live information and insights, and seamlessly integrates your enterprise with the digital world at large.

Simplify the core with the SAP HANA platform: ONE platform, ONE copy of the data, LESS integration, MORE innovation, ANY application. SAP HANA combines all these technologies to dramatically accelerate your business.

The Next Step in the Evolution

We are at the dawn of the next big technology change where everything is connected and software is embedded in our lives. This technology change is bringing new opportunities and new threats.

SAP S/4HANA enables your business to take complete advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, real-time analytics, mobile, business networks, third-party systems, and more. It is a new generation of real-time, predictive, mobile ERP that will change how you run your business and consume information. Deployable in the cloud or on premise, SAP S/4HANA can drive instant value across all lines of business – no matter your industry or business size. It offers a real-time and comprehensive suite of enterprise resource management solutions for your digital business.

The Growth of Digitization

Supply chain manufacturing and procurement directly affects customer satisfaction by impacting on-time fulfillment and personalization. SCM therefore needs to ‘talk to’ Sales & Marketing on one hand and Research & Development on the other, quite apart from the interim interactions with other functions, both online and offline. The question is: How to create value in the production chain?

The future is here with SAP S/4HANA: Integrated Enterprise Management for Digitized Organizations.

Simplification and Integration are at the core of SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management. According to Forrester, 73% of executives identify complexity as their biggest IT challenge. SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management is covers all core business processes, enabling visibility across the entire enterprise. The 1610 release in October 2016 drives a transformational change in the way you do business as it cuts across 10 functional lines (supply chain, manufacturing, asset management, research and development, sourcing and procurement, sales, service, marketing and commerce) providing end-to-end business visibility.

SAP S/4HANA makes digitization simpler:

  • Available as software-as-a-service (SaaS)
  • Offers customized add-ons such as SAP Fiori-based mobile applications
  • Easy to integrate with other SAP cloud solutions such as SAP Ariba, SAP Success Factors or even third-party solutions

Why S/4HANA?

The answer is both comprehensive and simple:

With in-memory technology and embedded analytics, S/4HANA provides instant, real time insight for better decisions

Because of it’s maximized throughput and speed, as well as its native integration into SAP solutions, S/4HANA gives you greater performance


S/4HANA leverages the FIORI user experience so that your entire workforce can benefit from not only intuitive, mobile first design, but also proactive decision-making support

And finally, S/4HANA uses a simplified architecture with a lean data footprint, and cloud deployment, to lower your total cost of ownership

Technical Benefits of SAP S/4HANA

SAP S/4HANA Procurement and Sourcing Benefits

Optimizes working capital

Decreases stock buffers

Lowers procurement costs

Ensures advanced procurement search capabilities

Improves customer service

Increases material visibility with real-time stock and material flow insight through analytics

Resulting Business Benefits that are Redefining Business Models

Fosters collaboration and transparency in

Creates an ‘intelligent’ and ‘responsive’
business network

Turns actions to insights by harnessing digital
data effectively

Top Four Reasons for Considering SAP S/4HANA

SAP touts more than 3,200 SAP S/4HANA customers. This is a proof point of continued momentum for the product as customers “increasingly embrace the benefits of running simple and in real-time.”

SAP S/4HANA is a next-generation business suite designed for the digital economy.

Intrigo: S/4 Areas

The Intrigo Edge

With our expertise in the Supply Chain domain, we at Intrigo understand that transition is all about managing change.

Sales and Operatioans Planning

100+ successful SAP implementations

Supply and Demand Planning

Deep knowledge and involvement in the SAP ecosystem

Production Execution

Three-pronged strategy: Simple, Streamlined, Scalable

Production Execution

Seamless transition for SAP S/4HANA through deep partnership with SAP

Sales and Operatioans Planning

Bring SAP offerings to the end user in a usable format

Supply and Demand Planning

Clear understanding of customer requirements and our ability to foresee gaps

Production Execution

Focus on building a close relationship with our partners and handholding them at every stage to foster collaborative business revolutions


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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