Quality Issue Management

Get Ahead of Any Quality Issues

Identify, Prevent, And Resolve Issues Quickly


What is SAP Quality Issue Management?

SAP Quality Issue Management is a solution that lets your organization analyze and identify the issue at the root, prevent the issue, and subsequently resolve it. The scope of Quality Management includes procurement, stock handling, discrete manufacturing, and sales. In procurement, there are quality inspection processes with goods receipt, dynamic modification, and material-supplier release. For inventory management, you can post quality inspection stock to different storage locations. In production, you can obtain a goods receipt from production within the production process. For sales, the goods issue can only be posted if it passes inspection.


Issue Management

Standardize quality management process and speed up problem resolution time

Get an overview of processes with SAP and non-SAP systems

Increase customer satisfaction with improved complaint handling

Collaborate with your partners and vendors on any quality issues


Improve issue resolution process by analyzing quality problems

Predict quality issues before they happen with root-cause analysis.

Dashboards provide visual summaries of any quality issues

Produce analytical reports from lists and questions

Quickly search for data across all the integrated systems

Integrated and customizable framework

Improve the user experience given the wide range of use cases

Easily integrate with SAP Business Suite and SAP ECC

Customize your business processes and set your own language and terms

Use data from all the integrated process and have the ability to follow up in an individual system


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