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Empower your service staff. Improve customer experience. Track key metrics in real time.

Service staff are faced with a number of challenges – including inadequate entitlement verification processes, poor returns management systems, and lack of serial number tracking devices – that inevitably result in losses and revenue leakage.

Your enterprise needs an insight-driven entitlement management solution that can monitor and enforce entitlement throughout the value chain—from manufacturers to distributors, retailers, and consumers.

Why Do You Need an Insight-Driven Entitlement Management Solution?

It gives you comprehensive oversight of asset privileges, liabilities, and incidents.

  • Get accurate views of customers, products, and assets stored in ERP and CRM.
  • Proactively identify issues by product and customer.
  • Monitor and manage service, customer, and product performance.

It allows you to engage with customers and systems anytime, anywhere.

  • Create, review, and validate customer incidents in the office or on-site.
  • Track returned and repaired assets and take actions.
  • Deliver a superior customer experience with self-service and collaboration tools.

CovrEdge is a cloud-based, insight-driven entitlement management solution that provides comprehensive oversight of entitlement privileges, liabilities, and limitations so you can offer the right service at the right price. It is designed to deal with the biggest barriers to performance: information silos; manual processes; and lack of insights into products, customers, and assets.

CovrEdge helps break data silos and eliminate manual processes. It empowers enterprises to proactively monitor and review entitlements, assets, and returns to obtain a complete 360-degree view of their products, assets and customers.

Powerful Architecture that easily integrates with your existing landscape

CovrEdge’s high-level architecture is built using Salesforce’s Lightning Framework. CovrEdge smoothly integrates with any existing landscape and combines customer data stored in CRM systems with back office transactions such as products, invoices, receipts, repairs, shipments, and assets stored in ERP systems.

How does it work?

CovrEdge uses a hybrid data model. Active and recent transaction information is stored within Salesforce1, while non-current information is moved to Heroku. The information in Heroku is accessible in real time on an as-needed basis.

The CovrEdge platform consists of four major modules that provide a unified experience to customers, service staff, and executives.

Incident Management

  • Enables service staff and customers to create service tickets for any type of product issues
  • Allows service staff to keep track of status, activities, and task for issues and customers
  • Enables staff to understand the type of issues reported for any assets and their root causes


  • Enables service staff to confrim the type of coverage that the customer has purchased
  • Allows service staff to offer the right service at right costs and upsell any additional services
  • Provides access to knowledge management so service service staff can make informed decisions


  • Allows service staff to keep track of the assets status that is being repaired, returned, or replaced, including repair and shipping charges
  • Enables integration with the 3PL systems to get the latest status updates on assets


  • A key concept of CovrEdge solution that enables executives to track both business performance and operation performance using pre-built dashboards

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