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Transform your supply chain to become IoT ready.

How can you build an Internet of Things (IoT)-ready supply chain if yours is still based on old legacy systems?

The IOT promises a lot of information. And legacy systems that are non IoT ready may fail to effectively harness this information. You need a modern digital system to effectively leverage IoT data to help you glean actionable insights from all of that information.

The second generation of IoT will start to become more of sensing rather than just reacting. To keep abreast with this trend, you need to perform system aggregation, integration, and design. And without the proper skills and expertise, this complex initiative can result in significant losses instead of giving you competitive advantages.

Intrigo's Approach

While IoT is in its infancy, we at Intrigo are unceasingly conceptualizing mature methodologies for enabling an IoT-ready supply chain.

We see the potential of IoT for truly revolutionizing the supply chain industry. And we are committed to creating the most cost-efficient IoT solutions for our clients.

We have been able to implement MAS and other systems for a number of factories ranging from semiconductors to pharmaceuticals.



We work closely with our clients to understand their IoT needs.


We thoroughly evaluate all our clients’ existing systems so we can recommend the right solution based on their current environment.


We provide the expertise, tools, and processes needed to enable an IoT-ready supply chain.


Because IoT is new, more and more IoT related initiatives will eventually surface. We are always a step ahead of new trends and technologies, so we can expertly guide our clients through their IoT journey.

Key Benefits

Partnering with us will help you gain these competitive advantages:


  • Intelligent dashboards for better visibility
  • Powerful abstraction layers and software


  • Customer-centric, rather than manufacturing-centric IOT initiatives
  • Proactive mitigation of risks
  • Compliant integration solutions
  • Effective management and interpretation of IOT data


  • Skilled talent that can help manage and interpret associations, correlations and causality
  • Expert advice from IoT consultants

Explore this offering and learn how you can enable your digital supply chain.



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