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Procurement and Sourcing

Accelerate procurement and sourcing cycles. Eliminate silos. Manage supplier relationships.

The analog legacy hinders enterprises in how they interact with their supplier ecosystem, in pricing and negotiation, in how it translates from a sourcing system to an EDI environment, and then into a procurement system. When it comes to procurement, a truly digital enterprise must resemble a CRM model that enables buyers to obtain visibility into the entire supply chain process, availability of the inventory, and accessibility of commodities and their pricing for better analysis and smarter decision making.

Intrigo brings a new understanding to the silos of procurement built on its legacy of deep supply chain knowledge and excellent execution.


Enterprises have to deal with unstructured offline processes, analog information management, and complex contract management, among others. This business condition may result in challenges in data analysis, heavy reliance on EDI for transactions, poor understanding of the consequences of the commodities, and wasted time and money.

We help enterprises plan the two key criteria in sourcing:
  • Take a position of where the market will go when you produce the product
  • Take into account whether commodities are available to produce the product

In the digital enterprise, sourcing is a seamless flow of data between the enterprise, suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders in the chain.

We help enterprises address:
  • How to respond quickly to changes, such as on-boarding new suppliers with new information.
  • What is the best strategy for obtaining information in real time in order to introduce or request materials faster, quicker, and cheaper.
  • Why execution and negotiations take longer than expected.


Enterprises have to deal with parts of the procurement process like payments that have become fully digitized, while the rest of the functions of the value chain remain without digital orchestration. Companies should break information silos that result in delays, where a certain process cannot be completed by a single business function because it has to be approved and executed by another team or department.

But the digital enterprise is different. It is characterized by:
  • Having no distinction where the PO originates
  • Effective Catalog Management that integrates catalogs, including a catalog of 1, and manages catalog obsolescence in real time
  • A standard information protocol that eradicates the offline email system and EDI environment
  • Orchestrated procurement process, which comes from Sales and Operations Planning
  • Use of Big Data models
  • Standalone Procurement and Sourcing that is not under the Planning Department
Intrigo Solutions

Deliver rapid ROI for your business by developing and managing supplier relationships and accelerating sourcing and procurement cycles. Intrigo provides Procurement and Sourcing solutions that deliver lean and targeted services to assist in sourcing and procurement initiatives—from Catalog Management to Invoices and Payments.


Key Benefits

Intrigo’s Procurement and Sourcing solutions help you leverage the following benefits:

Increased process efficiency

Cost reduction

Improved process governance

Greater visibility into company spending and streamlined sourcing

Enhanced support for leadership decision making through accurate business insights

Competitive advantage by enabling the sourcing of innovative goods and services

Increased opportunities for continuous process improvement


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