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Catalog Management

Simplify, streamline, and speed up Catalog Management.

Catalog management can be overwhelmingly complex. More and more companies demand e-catalogs that adhere to certain standards for data transmission. Suppliers must ensure that they have the technology to enable them to transact electronically with anyone, anywhere, and anytime.

To ensure that your catalog delivers on expectations, you need to answer these questions:

  1. Which standard do you need to send your data (cXML, EDI, PIDX, etc.)?
  2. Is it specific to each customer (pricing and product)?
  3. Do the catalogs contain the right categorization (UNSPSC, UOM)?
  4. How much content does each item need?

Once these questions are answered, there are even more considerations:

  • How is your product information being defined, stored, retrieved, and managed throughout the the entire e-commerce process?
  • Are you doing direct or indirect procurement?
  • How do you get this information into the various system setup to manage your e-procurement?

But Catalog Management does not have to be complex—thanks to digitization.

That’s what Intrigo is committed to do—bring digitized catalog management experience to suppliers.

Intrigo's Approach

Intrigo is committed to enabling digitized Catalog Management to suppliers. We have created a methodology that digitizes and simplifies catalog management, so that in almost all e-commerce, e-procurement, e-marketplace, supply chain management (SCM), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, buyers and suppliers can transact electronically and provide real value to each other.


Easy-to-use templates

Uncomplicated and quick catalog creation

Customer-specific pricing and currency to custom fit the solution for buyers

Processes and methods for direct and indirect spend, utilizing catalogs

Our Implementation Methodology


Intrigo sets up short discovery session to assess customer’s needs and goals


Intrigo recommends and provides the tools and templates for catalog creation


Intrigo works closely with suppliers to develop catalogs for their customers

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

Our solution helps reduce training and maintenance costs by digitizing catalog creation and management, enabling the system to do it automatically.

Reduced Errors

Leveraging our solution, enterprises can pull data directly from the ERP system, ensuring zero data errors unlike outdated manual processes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Our solution is designed to promote standardization, portal harmonization, and an increased ability to do business across all platforms.

Reduced On-boarding Time

Intrigo’s Catalog Management helps suppliers connect with buyers in weeks, not months.

Explore this offering and learn how you can enable your digital supply chain.



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