Ariba Network

Procure with Confidence

Digital Marketplace for Buyers and Suppliers


What is the Ariba Network?

Companies decide to automate their commerce process by joining the Ariba Network. By doing so, they are joining the world’s largest business network and connecting with top suppliers regardless of the organization’s size or location. The Ariba Network is a digital marketplace consisting of millions of buyers and suppliers across 190 countries. Cloud-based commerce has never been easier for businesses.

Through the network, buyers and suppliers can quickly process invoices, whether it’s for indirect, direct, or services. Buyers and suppliers can easily collaborate, improve their business relationship, and find mutually beneficial opportunities with the Ariba Network. Buyers have full control over their procurement process while managing spending, seeking new savings, and creating an ethical supply chain. Suppliers not only further their buyers’ procurement goals, they are also able to increase customer satisfaction and cash flow. As regards to invoicing, buyers can also group paper and electronic invoices. Suppliers, on the other hand, can view their payment status and early payment options in real-time in the meantime.

Electronic invoicing

Speed up invoice processing and approvals and increase compliance

Supplier collaboration

With minimal technical barriers, discover suppliers that are compliant with your business policies

Supplier portal

Supplier-side portal allows them to change and keep their information updated at all times

Manage non-PO invoices

Create invoices from contracts, despite project complexity

Global invoicing requirements

Regardless of currency or languages, ensure your transactions are compliant with a different country’s tax and other requirements.

Network support

Expedite processing with system integration with the SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway solution

Completely digital

Ditch error-prone paper invoices and go fully digital, from processing to archiving


Connect with the world’s largest business network for buyers and suppliers

Virtually zero manual invoice processing

Ensure compliance with all types of invoices

Exchange information with other networks

Support for the main types of invoice formats


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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