In today’s Ecommerce world, sellers provide products to many different customers across a vast number of eProcurement platforms. It becomes a struggle for sellers to manage all the connections and access their orders. Many times each buyer has different standards and values they want on specific transaction documents, which becomes cumbersome for the sellers to maintain.


What is SellerEdge?

SellerEdge is a cloud-based solution that provides sellers with the framework and technology to seamlessly engage with their buyers electronically. Sellers will be able to quickly adapt to the needs of their buyers, review all transactions within one unified portal, and effectively work with and resolve any changes or errors. SellerEdge empowers enterprises to bridge the gaps with their buyers, digitally transact, and take your customer relations to the next level.


Receive transactions across multiple buyers in a single portal.

Remove manual processes to manage transactions from disparate systems.

Create a large volume of digital transactions between the supplier and its buyers.


Enables digitization of data between buyers and suppliers.

Reduces cash-to-cash cycle time.

Ensures automatic handling of orders.

Increases ROI for suppliers.

Reduces disruption and scales quickly.

Eliminates errors and improves order efficiency.

Provides unified communication capabilities to suppliers.

Intrigo Advantage

Intrigo is an SAP and Ariba Partner that provides world class SI, has an extensive knowledge in Supply Chain and understands the challenges companies face to meet demands and manage the flow of goods internally and from their suppliers. With 120 successful engagements under its belt, Intrigo System’s core vision is to help companies transform their Digital Core to increase their chances of success in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive world.


Join the Digital Revolution. Evolve, or become history.



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