Collaborative Supply Chain

With Ariba SCC Integrate, Collaborate, and Respond More Efficiently than Before

With today’s global supply chains, it’s important for your company’s supply chain to go from disconnected and nonlinear to collaborative and connected. With SAP Ariba’s supply network, your company will be able to respond swiftly to any demand changes that come your way. Having greater flexibility helps reduce inventory discrepancies, provide a higher level of service, and deliver shipments on time.


What is SAP Supply Chain Collaboration?

With SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC), your company will achieve supply chain visibility in no time. This platform is integrated with your ERP and other systems, and also gives you the resources needed to work across different levels of contract manufacturers and suppliers in your supply chain process. With SAP Ariba SCC your company will be able to integrate your suppliers’ operations into your system, collaborate more efficiently with your manufacturers, and respond to disruptions in your supply chain process before they affect your customers. With SAP Supply Chain Collaboration you can:

  • Give suppliers access to production forecasts, inventory information, and orders, while getting any responses in real time
  • Foresee and solve and problems with supply assurance with collaboration dashboards
  • Onboard suppliers with an extensive set of tools, integration choices, and experienced supplier enablement teams.


Intelligent Dashboards

When a supply-demand mismatch or QA issues occurs, dashboards help you identify them quickly as well as displaying suppliers’ responses to your timeline.

Effective Compliance

Have a better compliance when your business rules are through secured electronic communications, leading to orders being delivered correctly and on time

Better Onboarding

There are multiple integration options for your suppliers and you can onboard them easier

Easy Integration

Any office system can be integrated with this solution. SAP ERP and supply chain solutions also offers packaged integration options.

Quick Time-To-Value

Improve time-to-value with faster onboarding and quick deployment of this solution. This will allow it to be more easily adopted by internal teams and external partners.


Easily ensure that supply is available and customer shipments are on-time

React quickly if changes happen in either supply or demand

Spot issues through your dashboards and fix the problems before they affect your customers.


Intrigo Advantage

Innovation Partner with SAP Ariba since 2017

Co-developed SAP Ariba SCC with Ariba and Microsoft

Skilled set of trained consultants

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Building an Agile Supply Chain Company

Oclaro is a leader in optical components, modules and subsystems for optical transport and metro networks, enterprise networks and data centers. Oclaro is headquartered in San Jose, CA with offices and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Japan, Malaysia & Thailand.

How we helped:

Oclaro needed to transform its IT environment into a single, unified platform, accelerate the speed of decision making, and more. With our team’s extensive expertise, we were able to create a solution that was on-time and within budget. With the Ariba Network, we provided Oclaro access to thousands of partners across the world, and additionally reduced operational costs significantly. Read more about how we succeeded in our case study here.


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