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Transform Your Business Digitally, From Source To Pay

Companies need to adapt their business and procurement processes to meet the demands of the new, everchanging, digital economy. Nowadays, simply mailing an invoice to a supplier, or just doing basic purchasing isn’t enough. You business needs to look at the larger picture and have a more comprehensive view about how to collaborate, negotiate, and connect with your suppliers.


What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba has a full range of spend management solutions where your business can control spend from sourcing to payment on one simple, cloud-based platform where everything is integrated. It has one of the world’s largest and leading business networks where companies can connect to a vast range of suppliers across the world.

With SAP Ariba, you can:

Make better buying decisions and have a better view of your company’s spending

Collaborate in real-time with your suppliers to increase savings by negotiating for indirect and direct materials

Ensure compliance and that your savings actually increase with contract management solutions

Manage information, track performance, and assess risk on one supplier management platform

Have a simplified shopping experience for your company that aligns with your procurement standards

Increase transparency amongst all parties by having digital financial solutions


Ariba Network

Buyers and suppliers can easily collaborate, improve their business relationship, and find mutually beneficial opportunities with the Ariba Network. Buyers have full control over their procurement process while managing spending, seeking new savings, and creating an ethical supply chain. Suppliers not only further their buyers’ procurement goals, they are able to increase customer satisfaction and cash flow.

Strategic Sourcing Suite

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing Suite allows you to manage your sourcing, contracts and spending for both indirect and direct materials. Increase your savings by cutting down high cost materials, refining your supplier selection process, and creating contracts that increase your savings.

Buying and Invoicing

It is a simple, procure-to-pay solution that allows you to dynamically scale your resources so you can manage your suppliers, processes, and organizations. You will have more control over your spend through its flexible management and visibility tools. With Buying and Invoicing, you can work efficiently with your partners despite language barriers, different systems, and physical locations.

Invoice Management

SAP Ariba Invoice Management is a cloud solution designed for accounts payable teams. It is a cloud solution that focuses on capturing and reconciling invoices. This solution comes with configured workflows that can easily be customized with no technical training. Business users can also speed up approval times for non-PO invoices as well.

Supply Chain Collaboration (SCC)

Your company will achieve supply chain visibility in no time. This platform is integrated with your ERP and other systems, and also gives you the resources needed to work across different levels of contract manufacturers and suppliers in your supply chain process. With SAP Ariba SCC your company will be able to integrate your suppliers’ operations into your system, collaborate more efficiently with your manufacturers, and respond to disruptions in your supply chain process before they affect your customers.

Supplier Lifecycle and Performance

With SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance solutions, you get a 360° snapshot of every supplier, where it combines your supplier’s qualification, performance, spend, risk and more data in one place. It is integrated seamlessly into your existing procurement processes driving you to make better spend decisions to suppliers that are compliant with your guidelines.


SAP Ariba SNAP procurement is a cloud based, time-to-value procure-to-pay solution that leverages the core capabilities of SAP Ariba. It is a powerful and highly affordable way for mid-market companies to control spending. Without adding complexity, SNAP allows companies to quickly improve cash flow, control, and compliance.


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