SAP Buying and Invoicing

Simple Procure-to-Pay Solution

Control Your Spending and Streamline Processes

With pressure to be faster and more efficient than ever before, companies are looking at ways to improve control over spending while making sure their processes are as efficient as possible. While many companies are working on streamlining their processes and improving their savings, they often lack the tools that are necessary to enforce compliance. Unfortunately, this offsets the savings from these improvements. In order to be effective, your business needs to have flexible tools that allow you to scale your Procure-To-Pay Process.


What is SAP Buying and Invoicing?

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing is a simple, procure-to-pay solution that allows you to dynamically scale your resources so you can manage your suppliers, processes, and organizations. With SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing you will have more control over your spend through its flexible management and visibility tools. Work efficiently with your partners despite language barriers, different systems, and physical locations. The world’s largest organizations and companies trust SAP Ariba. With its configurable interface and streamlined catalog maintenance, it is also simple and user-friendly. Additionally, the solution is a subscription-based service, meaning all future updates are automatic.


Guided buying

Employees will be able to buy goods and services that match your guidelines with a simple and seamless shopping experience. Ensure your purchasing is compliant with your guidelines.

Easily Integrated

Improve speed, performance, and usability of your procure-to-pay process with easy integration with your ERP.

More Control Over Purchasing

Have a smarter way to increase your savings by having a better control over your purchasing.

Lower Risks

With the 3.1 million suppliers on the Ariba Network, have more suppliers to choose from, which reduces your costs and risks.

All Encompassing Reach

Be anywhere in the world and manage your budgets, approvals, suppliers and more.

Efficient Teamwork

By having your procure-to-pay process in the cloud, you’re be able to be work more efficiently with your suppliers that are on the Ariba Network.


Less Is More

Maximize the value and ROI of your sourcing negotiations.

Maximize control

Proactive compliance across contracts, processes, regulations, and supplier strategies.

Active Control

With visibility and flexible management tools, be active in controlling global spend.

Consolidate Processes

Manage and consolidate your processes for commerce


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