SAP Ariba Contract Management

Simplified Contract Management

Contracts are among the most important aspects of ensuring success in any company. In procurement, contracts allow a company to figure out the exact amount of goods and services they will receive. In sales, contracts allow a company to assess what it promised to its clients. Despite how critical contracts are for businesses, many companies do not have advanced management tools but choose to instead rely on paper documents that sometimes have no standardization. This can lead to inefficient, and costly contract cycles which can cause managing different commitments and agreements to be difficult. And in the worst case scenario, poor contract management can lead to an unnecessary decrease in savings and missed opportunities for growth.


What is SAP Ariba Contract Management?

SAP Ariba Contract Management is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that offers cutting-edge technology with the highest data security standards. The solution provides your departments, whether it’s legal, procurement, sales or finance, manage their own teams’ contracts. Due to its simplicity, your company can directly connect with your clients for contracts any time during the process from creating to executing. This can lead to more efficiency, decreased operational costs, and improved client relationships.

    Two major aspects of the contract lifecycle are covered in this solutions:

  • Contract Management
  • Request, create, and produce workflows for the entire contracting process

  • Commitment Management
  • Ensure contract compliance with reminders, search, and reporting capabilities.


Manage entire contract lifecycle on an SaaS-integrated platform.

Enforce in contract compliance in real-time from the start of the lifecycle.

Increase value of agreements with search and reporting features

Keep comprehensive audit records to meet external regulations

Collaborate with your internal teams during the client negotiation period

Capture electronic signatures with DocuSign, an e-signature provider that SAP is partnered with

Utilize best-in-class contract templates



Seamless commerce experience

Integrations with other SAP products, your ERP, and more allow for greater compliance

Faster value

Up-to-date software from SAP Ariba means an overall lower cost of ownership as well as minimal work for your IT team

Greater Compliance

Search capabilities allow your employees to find suppliers they know will be compliant to your business guidelines

Better control your agreements

If approved contracts are changed, receive an immediate alert

Total transparency

Have complete visibility throughout the entire process with alerts and dashboards

Optimize business opportunities

Get early notifications of upcoming deadlines and ensure no opportunity is missed.

Ensure greater compliance

Features such as tracking, audit trails, and more help you maintain compliance

Simplify signatures

Reduce time and costs of shipping contracts with digital signatures with DocuSign and Adobe Sign

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