Invoices and Payments

Automate And Accelerate Invoicing

Improve Buyer-Supplier Relationships With Collaborative Invoicing

Enterprises should leverage the latest technologies to accelerate and automate their invoice processing. Doing so will drastically improve your buyer-supplier relationships and enable your company to reap benefits that go beyond cost savings. Manual, paper-heavy invoices and payments processing often results in increased costs and days sales outstanding, poor visibility into the status of the process, and human errors – all of which directly contribute to poor customer satisfaction. As today’s customers demand faster and even faster transactions, it has become an imperative for enterprises to digitize their invoice and payments processing.


Invoicing and Payments Solutions

SAP Procure-to-Pay

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing is a simple, procure-to-pay solution that allows you to dynamically scale your resources so you can manage your suppliers, processes, and organizations.


Guided buying

Buy goods and services that match your guidelines with a simple and seamless shopping experience.

Easily Integrated

Improve speed, performance, and usability of your procure-to-pay process with easy integration with your ERP.

More Control Over Purchasing

Have a smarter way to increase your savings by having a better control over your purchasing.

Lower Risks

With the 3.1 million suppliers on the Ariba Network, have more suppliers to choose from, which reduces your costs and risks.

All Encompassing Reach

Be anywhere in the world and manage your budgets, approvals, suppliers and more.

Efficient Teamwork

By having your procure-to-pay process in the cloud, you’re able to work more efficiently with your suppliers that are on the Ariba Network.

SAP Invoice Management

SAP Ariba Invoice Management is a cloud solution designed for accounts payable teams. It is a cloud solution that focuses on capturing and reconciling invoices.


Invoice Processing

Process your invoices electronically from the Ariba Network

Configurable Workflow

No technical customization required due to pre-configured workflows

Dynamic Invoice Workflows

With two/three/four-way matching, easily enforce compliance

Accurate, Quick Invoice Approval

Reduce your invoice approval cycle to a several days with electronic invoices

Improved Reporting and Monitoring

Track KPIs with advanced analytics and create financial reports through the dashboard



Faster Payment

Invoices immediately reach your customers in electronic form, allowing them to process and approve quicker. Invoices are paid on time, reducing your DSO.

Reduced Cost

Less money spent on printing, postage, resolving invoice issues with customers, and reprinting invoices due to errors.

Increased Productivity

With full visibility into processing, less time is spent on updating customers and managing disputes.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Employees can spend more time focusing on enhancing customer satisfaction and providing them with the service they require.

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