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Data Sheets

Ariba Indirect Fact Sheet

Losing sight of the Financial Impact of your spend?

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Ariba CSC Fact Sheet

Orchestrate your Supply Chain Vision with Integrated Procurement.

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SellerEdge Fact Sheet

Easy collaboration between you and your customers starts with SellerEdge™.

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ConnectEdge Fact Sheet

Harmonize your network through digital transactions and collaborative commerce.

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Optek: Extending the Horizons of Your APO

In today’s supply chain scenario, planners tend to face a multitude of challenges, particularly in managing data, complexity of planning software, and constantly changing parameters. Optek is a value chain decision supported process, which empowers planners to make changes dynamically with a central vision.

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Is APO Still Relevant In The Age of IBP?

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SAP Business All-in-One – The Flexibility to Meet Unique Needs

SAP Business All-in-One solutions are the most powerful, industry-specific ERP solutions available to midsize or quickly growing small companies. They give you an integrated view of your business and easily scale and adapt to meet changing needs.

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AFS – A Solution for Operational Efficiency

Fashion changes are inevitable. Stay on top of trends and achieve operational excellence with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Realize efficiencies within your financial and operational supply chains and unleash the full potential of your value chains.

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Taking Sales and Operations Planning to the Next Level

Profitably align demand & supply, drive revenue growth, and reduce supply chain costs with integrated Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). It’s no longer enough to simply be able to assess and respond to your current business situation.

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