Supply Chain

Rocky Road to Digital Transformation

Enterprises need more than a step-by-step process to becoming digital; they also need powerful strategies to address potential challenges and existing problems in an analog environment.

In an analog system, information takes time to flow across the entire value chain. This results in a large potential bullwhip effect where inventory swings in response to customer demand increase as you move further up the supply chain. The older system tried to arrest bullwhip by aggregating data, but this strategy alone may not be effective today. Today’s consumers want instant gratification, so enterprises should go beyond arresting the bullwhip—now, they need to deal with the variability of consumer demands. Today’s supply chains are required to become predictive networks, where the amplitude of change is not demand variability but the timing of the demand/demand acquisition.

  • When will a product be in demand?
  • What is the behavioral pattern of a certain product design (e.g., when does the product go out of style or use)?
  • What are the aftermarket demands?

As new information channels like the Internet of Things (IoT) stream enormous amount of data into the supply network, manufacturing execution is now becoming more intelligent. How do we create a digital supply chain out of this data? Do we have an extended supply chain software for harnessing this data? How can this data help fully transform our Planning and Execution processes?

Supply chain networks suffer from both internal risks and external challenges like geo-political conflicts, shipment strikes, resource shortages, and natural calamities. But these risks can be predictably managed by leveraging unstructured data – along with other crucial information from the digital supply chain – to make informed, timely decisions.

Paving the Way for Digital Planning and Execution

Intrigo truly understands the potential being presented by these massive networks of information. Our extensive experience in helping build intelligent Control Towers that assimilate this volume of data to create planning, timing, demand execution, and fulfillment solutions enable our clients to plan and execute in the Digital Era.

Digital Supply Chains

The digital enterprise leverages the strength of trusted networks—where partners, suppliers, and customers can all access and share information in a highly trusted relationship. This goes beyond traditional ERP and the existing EDI legacy.

Intrigo helps enterprises enable their partner ecosystem with trusted information networks that allow them to operate digitally. This reduces the bullwhip effect and simultaneously increases the predictability of the movement of goods, as well as the velocity of product demand. Digital supply chains enable real-time data analysis for smarter, quicker decision making, allowing for proactive risk mitigation—be they internal or external

Digital Execution

Product manufacturers typically deal with two key variables in the execution phase: the actual production of the product, and the ensuing transportation of the product to the distribution chain. Traditional execution models rely on aggregating orders and executing in bulk. Distribution also relies on aggregating numbers such as container loads, shipping loads, trucking loads, and so on.

In the digital enterprise, manufacturers can consider a production quantity of one, and shipping that single unit to the customer. The plethora of today’s shipping options is allowing the transportation and distribution of micro-inventory to mature on a digital scale. On the flip side, manufacturing has to embrace a very agile process by embracing scalable sourcing, lean inventory, and rapid production, manufacturing, and delivery. This is a real-time, two-way transaction paradigm.

Intrigo helps companies transform into Digital Enterprises

Companies generally struggle to make a decision on where to go digital first. Intrigo Systems provides the pathway to digital success.

We help companies scale to become Digital Enterprises in the Planning and Execution phase with the following services, solutions, and accelerators.


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