A Supply Chain Transformed with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SCM-IBP) A Customer Story from the Albemarle Corporation

Attend this webinar to learn how Albemarle Corporation leveraged the IBP Platform. This platform has enabled and solidified Albemarle’s S&OP process by building out a reliable and extendable Supply Demand Balancing component. Gain perspective on how the IBP Platform was leveraged to solve planning challenges, and discover how to balance the challenges and deal with the trade-offs of granular data vs reliable plan outputs while ensuring long -term sustainability and success.

Key Learning Points:

  • Increase visibility of demand through all nodes of the supply chain
  • Examining the trade-offs of granular data vs reliable plan outputs
  • Drive continuous improvement in your planning process

Pushpinder Singh, Solutions Architect, Intrigo Systems
Eric C. Stratmann,Director, Supply Chain Excellence, Albemarle Corporation

Learn How Blount International created a demand-driven S&OP process, amplified by Intrigo on SAP’s IBP Platform

Attend this webinar to see how Blount evolved its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to be demand-driven. You’ll get an inside look at the steps Blount is taking to reduce inventory and improve service levels, including how it moved away from a collection of manufacturing-centric spreadsheets and implemented an integrated system that drives demand from the customer through all nodes of the demand network.

Scope Right to Execute Right: Stay Ahead of the Planning Curve with SAP’s S&OP on HANA

Jeff Boyer, S&OP Solutions Architect at Intrigo Systems, Priya Wenzel, Senior Director of Supply Chain Planning Solutions at SAP LLC, and Bert Legrand, Senior Director of Product Management at SAP examine how S&OP Powered by HANA can be a key strategic component for global demand planning, and evaluate the factors that impact an S&OP implementation.

3 Easy Steps, 1 Simple Solution: Optek USE for Increasing SAP APO Adoption

Santhosh Kumar, VP of Industry Solutions & Technology at Intrigo Systems, and Larry Sladewski, Senior Director of Materials at NVIDIA, examine how Optek USE can accelerate your organization’s supply chain planning process along the three vectors of Usability, Sustainability, and Explain-ability, within the APO landscape.