Lot Containment Management: Are You Effectively Managing Quality Issues in Your Supply Chain?

David Stanforth, Senior Solutions Consultant, at Intrigo examines the capabilities that standard ERP systems lack to address comprehensive lot containment management, the challenges it creates, and possible solutions.

Who Moved My Spreadsheet?

Jeff Boyer, S&OP Solutions Architect, at Intrigo and Sandy Markin, Senior Director – Supply Chain Solutions at SAP examines how S&OP Powered by HANA can be leveraged to break your organization’s reliance on these cumbersome spreadsheets and in the process, improve visibility to plan performance and reduce non-value adding efforts.

S&OP and the State of the Supply Chain

Jeff Boyer, S&OP Solutions Architect, at Intrigo examines how today’s supply chains are being pressed from many fronts to be fundamentally efficient while balancing demands to be an effective driver of value in organizations.

Better Together: SAP and

Integrating SAP and Learn how this can be done painlessly with easy developer tooling that doesn’t sacrifice performance and power. Intrigo and MuleSoft, the most widely used integration platform, discuss integration options and best practices.